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After these commissions I am planning on getting a Patreon, interested? This is what I planned so far: 

11 deviants said Nah, I'll pass!
4 deviants said Yes, interested!
3 deviants said Haven't thought of anything else yet, suggestions are welcome! :)
No deviants said $1 a month would give you exclusive access to WIPs and never publicized sketches
No deviants said $5 a month gives you a 1 character sketch from me each month (prepaid)
No deviants said $10 a month gives you a 1 character colored sketch from me each month (prepaid)
No deviants said $20 gives you a simple 1 character pony vector from me each month (prepaid)
No deviants said Possibly another $20 option to give you a regular 1 character animal drawing each month (prepaid)




UPDATE: Sorry for those still waiting! As of now, I am coloring the second commission for manive (#8), and then I will finish the sketch for Kim (#1). I had some trouble with that sketch, but I figured it out now :)

After these, the rest will be done in order. Thank you for your patience!

I admit it was a bit overwhelming to have such a long list, so next time only 3 slots will be open at a time to reduce wait time. Prices will be raised, but I will make a much better commission sheet list, better TOS and payment will still only happen after the approved sketch.



I will open 10+ slots this time, so that everyone has a chance to get one of these :) I'm taking points this time too because I'm hoping to save up for a premium ^^

I apologize for some of the examples being very old ^^;


1. (Reserved for Kim Sondrup) - Finished - link

2. (Reserved for René) - Finished - link

3. :iconlulskie: - Finished - link

4. :iconmoominfan80: - Finished - link

5. :icondbluver: - Finished - link

6. :iconmanive: - Finished - link

7. :iconmanive: - Finished - link

8. :iconth3anim8er: - Finished - link

9. :iconnatsvaermeren: - Finished - link

10. :iconvuxul: - Finished - link

11. :iconcobracalhoun: - Sketch done

11.5. :iconcobracalhoun: - Sketch done

12. :iconfenrisupeanut: - Not started


If you want a commission, just comment here or note me about it, or send an email to (please include the word "commission" in the title). Make sure you include the following things:
Type of commission (if you want something not on the pricelist, just tell me and we can arrange a price)
Character(s) you want me to draw
Proper reference (if you don't have this, don't be mad if I get something wrong with the character)
Setting/situation you want the character(s) to be in (OPTIONAL)
Prefered style (note that if you don't request a specific style, like Disney, manga etc. I will draw whatever I'm in the mood for)


I'm great at felines, canines, ponies and animals in general. Also both cute and dark things!
I'm average at humans, backgrounds, general objects. Also, I'm too fond of group pictures (more than 3-4).
I'm really not good at human action poses or realistic style, so apply for that at your own risk.
I can draw NSFW as long as it doesn't violate any of deviantArts TOS.


Paypal or deviantArt points. (If you're from Denmark, a bank transfer is possible too).
When you've made your order, I will send you a sketch that you will need to approve before I continue (This option is not possible for sketch commissions, you'll need to pay right away!). When you've approved the sketch, I will send you my PayPal (bank info) (if you pay with money) and I will finish the drawing when I've received the money or points. 



Sketch - $5 or 400 :points:
Additional character - $3 extra or 240 :points:
Pouncing the tail by ShilaDaLioness Sketch Request - Gizette by ShilaDaLioness

Lineart - $8 or 640 :points:
Additional character - $5 or 400 :points:
Lineart for Requiem by ShilaDaLioness Rarity lineart by ShilaDaLioness

Plain coloured (no shade/bg) - $10 or 800 :points:
Additional character - $8 or 640 :points:
Adoptable - Red cheetah:TAKEN: by ShilaDaLioness Adoptable - Proteus :TAKEN: by ShilaDaLioness

Shaded with simple or no bg - $12 or 960 :points:
Additional character - $10 or 800 :points:
Fursonas by ShilaDaLioness John Constantine the Unicorn by ShilaDaLioness  Sillydog Puppy by ShilaDaLioness

Shaded with detailed bg - $15 or 1200 :points:
Additional character - $10 or 800 :points:
Student of Celestia by ShilaDaLioness  Happy birthday Bagh :D by ShilaDaLioness  Longing for the Moon by ShilaDaLioness


NOTE: Extra cost if you want it shipped to you. Also, I might ask you to choose another character if I don't have the right colours for it.

Traditional copic markers (no bg, A4 paper)- $13 or 1040 :points:
Additional character - $10 or 800 :points:
I don't need four feet by ShilaDaLioness Fishing fox by ShilaDaLioness

Traditional coloured pencils (no/simple bg, A4 paper) - $15 or 1200 :points:
Additional character - $10 or 800 :points:
Kiriban prize by ShilaDaLioness Father and son by ShilaDaLioness

Pony vectors:

For $10 or 800 :points: you can get a high resolution (fits A3 size) Original vector with transparent background of a pony of your choice! I do both fanart and OC ponies :D
It's $8 or 640 :points: per additional character in the picture.
It's an additional $5 or 400 :points: per character I have to "ponify" (meaning a character that isn't already a pony).


Jailbait the very young mare by ShilaDaLioness  Capella Songhoof by ShilaDaLioness  Element of Laughter by ShilaDaLioness

Just note me, email me or comment below! :)
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Christina Schandorph
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I need a new ID O.o


Art Trades Closed Stamp by izka197 Requests Closed Stamp by izka197 Commissions Closed Stamp by izka197

Do you do art trades?

No. I will only do it for some of my closest friends here, and they should know who they are :)

Do you do requests?

Nope, sorry. And please don't ask.

Do you do commissions?

Yes, when they are open. Commission info can be found here:…
I also do freelance work such as visual design, web design and web comics. Just note if you're interested.

Can I use your art or trace over it?

I highly depends what picture and what you want to use it for, but PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST! Commissioned work for other people are completely out of the question though.

Can I share your art on another website?
Only if you link back to the original! Please respect this simple wish!

Please watch me, I watch you!

Uhm no? If I like your art, then sure, but do not try to force me to watch your gallery. It is up to me who I want to watch or not. If your art doesn't interest me, I will not watch you back, no offence. With that said, it doesn't mean I think you're a bad person or anything, we might still make good friends :)

Wanna be friends? Also, accept my Facebook request!

As much as I'd like to say yes, friends are not something you ask for, but something you gain. If we start to talk alot, then you can probably consider me your friend.
And I will not accept a Facebook request just because you watched me, only if I've actually talked to you and consider you a nice person.

You think forgot my commission/trade!

I forget stuff, forgive me >.< As soon as I think of something else, it's just gone. I got a list of things, but I still tend to forget those things, so whenever you get impatient, just remind me with a note, I won't get mad, I will only appreciate it.

If you have further questions, just ask, don't be afraid! xD


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